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plufmot's News

Posted by plufmot - September 28th, 2022

Peter The Ant Day 2022!

What the heck!?

That's right! Peter The Ant Day is back! If you're not famliar then go read last year's post!

Also make sure to check out last year's entries!


How do I participate?

Just upload anything with Peter The Ant in it! You can start working on something now, or start working on something on the day, doesn't matter when or how long, just upload it with the tag #PeterTheAntDay2022! Art, animations, games, music, voice lines, etc. We don't care what the medium is, just upload it to Newgrounds on the 26th of December and tag it with PeterTheAntDay2022. Also use that hashtag or @ me on Twitter so I can see it all!

When is it?

December 26, 2022! This is the official day of celebration for Peter The Ant.


1st Place - Dead Estate Steam Key

2nd Place - Shoot Trip Die Steam Key

3rd Place - $5USD via PayPal

4th-9999th Place - Street cred for being part of something awesome


I'll be going through all the submissions, probably live on Twitch (you can watch last year's vod here if you're curious, it's a mess lol) I'll be consulting with some buddies for the final judgement. Those buddies are @Jack, @SlickRamen, @Stepford, @ayekerik, @LeviRamirez, @spazgunk, @ConnorGrail, @Tombdude, and the boys from @TheNewgroundsPodcast



Posted by plufmot - September 16th, 2022



November 26th, 2022, Saturday. Will be a lunch / afternoon thing, followed by a bunch of drinking.


SYDNEY! We haven't decided where yet lol, probs near the CBD! For now make sure to save the date and join the Discord to stay in the loop!


Everyone! (18+ only sorry)

Me, Ryan (@RGPAnims), and @chipollo will be there! @Stepford doesn't plan on coming but if you bother them enough they might! A bunch of other cool people will be there too! Hopefully the girl reading this will also be there? (´・ω・`)


Inspired by the other NG meetups, me and Ryan (@RGPAnims) have decided to host a meetup for us Aussies!

The idea is that we'll all meet wherever we decide to meet (TBA), hang out and do a bunch of stuff, then have a mad night on the piss together. Where we go, and what we do depends on what everyone wants to do, if you have suggestions make sure to talk about them in the Discord!

I live in Melbourne so I'll be flying in, if you want to come you should book your ticket asap! The earlier you book, the cheaper it'll be! I just bought my tickets for $102 AUD!

If you can't make it that's ok, we're planning on making this an annual thing!


If you're interested in coming along JOIN THE DISCORD!

UPDATE 2022/11/09:

Originally this was all ages but we've decided to make it 18+ sorry!



Posted by plufmot - December 26th, 2021


(Drawn by me and @spazgunk)

Happy Peter The Ant Day!

Wow I can't believe it's finally here. The first Peter The Ant Day!

For those out of the loop, this is Peter The Ant Day.

There's already been a lot of great submissions and there's more to come!

If you upload anything for it make sure to give it the #PeterTheAntDay2021 tag!

There's a collection for it, I thought including the tag automatically added it to the collection, but I guess @TomFulp or someone at Newgrounds searches with the tag and manually adds stuff to it





Posted by plufmot - October 2nd, 2021

I just hit 1k fans!

To celebrate I went a little mad and made a game + "art piece"

Featuring ALL 1000 of them!

Thank you so much! I'd like to shout out a few people...

*Takes a huge breath that comically stretches my cheeks out to the size of two small continents*

Thank you to @FluffNChuff @QueenBoo @RelchBelch @sanicclssicfannns @moooshroom @Hiperativus @Bdazley @tankmanlover28 @Shymyir @M1roArt @lael17 @lolazo4637373 @seba53273y08733 @UlicniStakor @kaidenytiscool @Bennoelman @Vice221 @EpicNerd @NICEGLASSESBRO @gunzblazin101 @DigitalDummy @FrogmanNG @wiimotemaster @EDU4KRUSSIAHD @2hythen @gts1108 @FlankoTanko @DawidLazecki @rzzzzz56533334 @JunoEddleman @Squidface44 @PeterTheAnt @c0mp0op3r @Tempertor07 @radorwaffels @43655862315 @Prutte @CaydenElezaj @8Bit-Seb @HyZerZ @Liddell41 @hvvhvh @ps12345678910 @Slowsolid @236Mikes @binch97 @CamTO2 @UnderKlutz @CaydenYT @29aalcazpog @13-SURGO @weallneedcleanshirts @decampo @Nanolinex @Snaa-zzyJazzy @fetuccini156985 @DavidWeathers @retrofoxofficial @HOKEYS @NythV @magpyfeather @RavioliBox @Kejayco @Kirablommuwu @YuriKadry @OyasumiDaisuki @DawnBot @RobedGlitter40 @Jakurl @Cj-is-the-dj @BlueTopHatGaming @PonyGirl201642 @SoftCustomer9 @DefaultLabs @yeetbot256 @rosagomes050868 @lookatsun @ikazuki @MadnessFan539 @Ren129 @the-iron-bagel @Stanpai @6hojrak @THESLEEPINGCLOWN @Pheral123 @Sangiez @MinaSagas @Xlyphon @MarvelousToastbrand @Wartimechimpanzee @Aiixy @SwaltyChris @Moopybuns @Frogrammer @Dryest @yubis @HenryEYES @lyaturni @Bacon10394 @tedispl @chipollo @JoJch @DJGreenJes @Danzuu @Havy1229 @DictatioPerpetuo @SoundSalad @Tombdude @Dako9767845 @MonoCronic @BJOV @UTZIIU @ARandomOnNewgrounds @MythicReign @mini-island @quartzmatter @tomsito @ayekerik @hugohemra @nleolnator @SanZ3 @Zardoc @NicoElSlime @goodo2 @jamer122 @juanstate @AmmoGuppy @lanadoodles @saimonou @milkypossum @leo65 @minecraftdog58 @Ali-0987 @ActualGene @Erickkkkkk @arthurLeite234 @S0N @Lukullus @Darthmire-14 @MMTVE @DaftPeanut43 @slimygoo @Randomlosar @CorTat-G @KiwiandKee @HAGER-NG @ConnorGrail @TheREALsammyDev @Cadenwashere1 @ian64 @jjbananagames @EdwardPlayer @urmomlol1234321 @Jack @GiraffeAutism @swaggitysock @JGDIN @PerhapsNameless @sebasdnqn @drkbstiscool @RedTKG @MFilieri @Gogetajuasjuasjuas @DCarrizo @Oneeyedsheep1950 @MrFlipside @bloodychicken @b1shop213 @VineArm @OrionTheAstronaut @ImMezzi @pey1234 @Nohshy @dorovam @GATTOX8 @NewGroundsAssistance @ackeling @Aradiasturntodie @SenhorJoaoGabriel15z @mumunu @BuhlBoy @animewolf07 @atotallyoriginalname @cefalodroide @daja12 @RGPAnims @Cadenlane04 @sandalll @BILAOZORDX @Burgan @FAFciu66 @spennyjim @FelipeNoel @picklemoe12 @Jaatcoolswag @Meddyboi2000 @CarpetBakery @CarterSterling @teddyswag @raidstorm @Dungeonation @FearLess13 @WELTOHELL @andreixdot @pepperly @demonvzn @SususususMan @lamont0 @gibletti @GrimComic1 @P-ChanOfficial @Jhomas @Fish125 @Xeazzy0 @RigaheaD @glotchalotch @VariableGR @BonumShxt @IgorBarbozaAguiar @InvertedTrax @PhasmaGORE @Tritnew @Luis @TheChoppa @spazgunk @JOEYTHEMARILLFAN @thebulbmin @HztaOra @HojoRaver @Azork-LeDeath @Nellyfluff @FiNiN73 @Xorberax @itsreddqueen @DrunkGecko @Fatrat42069 @Waterorange @08jack @Babrel @SomebodyXp @meulinex @Neentandoo @EalEater @CJspellsfish @snper6920 @ismaelsustaitatenori 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Posted by plufmot - August 28th, 2021

Peter The Ant Day 2021!

Peter The Ant? Who's that?

During this year's Pico Day I made a game called Pico VS Peter The Ant.

(Both @TomFulp characters, unfortunately Peter The Ant isn't as well known as Pico is)

This ended up becoming a cult classic, tons of Newgrounds users have been begging me to host an official day of celebration for the amazing Newgrounds icon that is Peter The Ant. Well good news everyone! It's finally happening!

How do I participate?

Just upload anything with Peter The Ant in it! You can start working on something now, or start working on something on the day, doesn't matter when or how long, just upload it with the tag #PeterTheAntDay2021! Art, animations, games, music, etc. If voice actors want to put together some lines like @Jacob did for the original game, and upload it to the audio portal for people to use in their animations / games that would be dope. I don't care what the medium is, just upload it to Newgrounds on the 26th of December and tag it with PeterTheAntDay2021. Also use that hashtag or @ me on Twitter so I can see it all!

When is it?

December 26, 2021! This is the official day of celebration for Peter The Ant.

Why this date?

Well that's my birthday, and my birthday wish is to celebrate Peter The Ant with everybody here on Newgrounds!

Will there be prizes?

Since this is the first Peter The Ant Day, I've decided not to have any prizes. However, if this year's celebrations end up being substantial I'll definitely be throwing down some prizes next year!

What about the lore?

Forget about it! Tom said you can use Peter however you want! Come up with something cool and he might just make it canon!

Closing Notes:

Peter The Ant was originally an infamous and long forgotten scrapped character from Pico's School. Until one day when I decided to reimagine him during Pico Day 2021. I thought I was the only one that remembered and still cared about Peter The Ant until @ProscuittoMan messaged me about him. We talked on the phone for hours about how great Peter The Ant was, and still is... And so we took it upon ourselves to bring him back into the mainstream! We welcome you all to join us as part of the Peter The Ant fandom. And for this day of celebration I encourage everyone to have fun with it! Collab with people (maybe I'll open a Peter The Ant Discord server to help the shy users out with finding people to collab with? idk let me know if you'd be interested in that). Alright I've written up enough of a storm now, PETER THE ANT DAY DECEMBER 26 2021. BE THERE!



Posted by plufmot - July 16th, 2021

Hey everyone, time for some updates!

What's been happening:

It's been a while since I've written a big update. A lot has been happening so I'll make this short. Since my last post:

I made Pico VS Peter The Ant with @Jacob, which featured my OC Peter... the ant.


Me and @Stepford made Blood Moon (with help from @larrynachos and @SlickRamen) for a prototyping class in university.


@ProscuittoMan made a cool animation Pico Vs Peter The Ant for @Stepford's "make something in one day" challenge. This animation featured my OC Peter The Ant which was really cool!


Just before writing this post I uploaded my latest game Xin's Commission Campaign which was a huge learning experience and I'm super proud of how it turned out. Especially considering that it was made in two weeks (with an additional week of polish). In this game I got to collab with @LeviRamirez and @TeraVex on the art and music, as well as @Xinxinix, @VoicesByCorey, @Stepford, and @Luis for some "voice acting" ahaha.


Current Project(s):

A few weeks ago I made a little prototype with someone at university, I might go back and polish it a little and post it here. It's a really small prototype and there's not a whole lot to it but with a little polish it might be funny enough to post. Plus the person I worked with hasn't used Newgrounds before so I think it'd be a good way to kickstart their NG journey!

I've been working with @NattoSumi, @NickSenny, and some others on a little game called Doktor Panic! which features the infamous Dr Schmuck. This should be finished soon!


Planned Project(s):

Once I've wrapped up my current projects and have the time I'll start working with @ProscuittoMan and @POSTELVIS on a cool little game which is currently titled Super SimLove Tactics. They've already gotten started which you can see on ProscuittoMan's Twitter.


After Super SimLove Tactics, me and @CoolCatDaddio will be working on a 3D driving game which might be similar to Crazy Taxi.


That's all for now! Cya!


Posted by plufmot - April 30th, 2021

I've unfortunately decided to stop working on my Pico Day game. I haven't had as much time to work on it as I would like. This is due to being really busy with uni and organising moving across the country. The idea I had for the game was really neat so I'll probably pick it up again for next year's Pico Day. The game was a FPS where you have to travel to different Newgrounds characters "worlds" to save them from dying alongside Flash. Here's a tiny glimpse of travelling to Alien Hominid's "world". The game would've looked more like Basically Warzone 3D if I had finished it.


Yes that's supposed to be the gun from Alien Hominid, it was just a quick draft.

I was going to pull an all nighter and push out a rushed pile of whatever I could come up with. Instead I've decided I'm going to kick back, play some Rocket League, and listen to the NG Podcast.

I look forward to seeing the entries. Happy Pico Day everyone!



Posted by plufmot - April 12th, 2021

Hey everyone just a few small updates!


I've made my own website which you can out here https://www.bennyrenya.com/. Would love some feedback on it!

Current Projects:

I'm currently working on a little two player microgame collection for an assignment at Uni with two other people, should be uploaded in 3 weeks time so stay tuned for that. It's nothing crazy but just something cool I thought I'd mention. I'm also working on a game for Pico Day that I haven't had much time to work on, I'm really hoping I can finish it in time. I won't say anything else other than that but stay tuned as it's gonna be sick!

500 Fans!?

I've almost hit 500 fans here on Newgrounds and WOW that's insane! I still remember being stoked at my first 10! Thank you so much everyone!

That's all for now! Cya!


Posted by plufmot - February 19th, 2021


Posted by plufmot - December 22nd, 2020

Blue Boy is on sale! 25% off!

Go buy it on Steam! Features bangin' tracks from @lokimiah1 and classic pixel art from @Luis!

Not convinced yet!? Check out this little article then!

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